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Welcome to NRG Nautical Racing Group LLC

Thank you for visiting our site. Please take a moment to look around the site and see what NRG has to offer the performance boating market. We are pleased to announce our 30' Vee is back in the shop and ready for rigging after it's make-over at The Art of Design. We will be updating the site frequently as our new models roll out so please stay tuned for updates.


Please call 1-855-NRG -BOAT for dealer inquiries

NRG Performance Boats are built according to our customers needs using only the best materials to ensure a high quality product.
A 33’ Open bow configuration is being developed and should be available in 2012.
The 26’ and 30’ along with the 28’ Cat are Single engine only – The 30’ will be modified to hold either single or twin engines in the future.
Currently the 33’ – 38’ and 40’ boats hold twin engines, the 38’ & 40’ Boat engines can be either a side by side or staggered configuration.
Vee Hulls Models Available Catamaran Model Available
Twenty-Six Thirty-Footer Thirty Thirty-Three Thirty-Three Thirty-Eight Twenty-Eight Forty Footer Forty Footer Twenty-Eight Twenty-Eight Catamaran
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